1. My Favourite PETS vol. 2
    borrowed identity, catz 'n dogz, ashwroth, tom demac, eats everything, nick monaco, kill frenzy, SLG

  2. Jonathan Kaspar - Strout / Roundhouse [PETS070]
    jonathan kaspar

  3. V/A Home Is Where The Pool Is 2 [PETS069]
    kim ann foxman, walker&royce, gemini, eats everything, stefano ritteri

  4. Mathias Kaden - Polyphonic EP [PETS068]
    Mathias Kaden

  5. Sierra Sam - Piano / Residue EP [PETS067]
    sierra sam

  6. Das Komplex - All For Love LP [STEP009]

  7. Das Komplex - I Am Alright | free download from STEP009

  8. Catz 'n Dogz - Upsi Bubsi / Elixir [PETS066]
    catz 'n dogz

  9. My Favourite PETS vol. 1
    axel boman, eats everything, thomas schumacher, claude vonstroke, hnny, beesmunt soundsystem

  10. Trikk - Front EP [PETS065]

  11. Catz 'n Dogz - Basic Colour Theory Remixed [PETS064X]
    catz 'n dogz, maurice fulton, eats everything, skudge, fred everything, jamie jones, matthew herbert

  12. Dalfie - Purple Hub EP [PETS063]
    Dalfie, Dorisburg

  13. Eats Everything - Big Discs EP [PETS062]
    eats everything

  14. Ashworth - Collapsed EP [PETS061]

  15. Jonathan Kaspar - Cross Pendant EP [PETS060]
    Jonathan Kaspar, Red Axes, Pets Recordings

  16. Adam Port & Jennifer Touch - This Time EP [PETS059]
    Adam Port, Jennifer Touch, Sei A

  17. Catz 'n Dogz - Basic Colour Theory [PETS058]
    Catz 'n Dogz, Jono McCleery, Eglė Sirvydytė, Phat Kat, Green Velvet, Peter Bjorn & John

  18. Catz 'n Dogz - Get It Right (Feat. Tanika) [PETS057]
    Catz 'n Dogz, Tanika, Claude VonStroke

  19. Walker & Royce - My Stop EP [PETS056]

  20. Beesmunt Soundsystem - Raindance EP [PETS55]
    beesmunt soundsystem, borrowed identity

  21. Trikk - Firma EP [PETS053]
    trikk, eduardo de la calle

  22. HNNY - Carefree [PETS049]

  23. KiNK - Fantasia EP [PETS048]
    kink, truncate

  24. Eats Everything - Reworks [PETS047]
    Eats Everything, Moonchild, Paperclip People

  25. Beesmunt Soundsystem - Bodyshape EP [PETS045]
    beesmunt soundsystem

  26. Friends WIll Carry You Home III - Part 3 [PETS044]
    danny daze, catz 'n dogz, eats everything, rachel row, jay shepheard, solangi, bearight

  27. Friends WIll Carry You Home III - Part 2 [PETS043]
    walker&royce, andre kronert, spirit catcher, patlac, nick monaco, kill frenzy

  28. Friends WIll Carry You Home III - Part 1 [PETS042]
    tom demac, axel boman, trikk, kixnare, till von sein, paco wegmann, phil kieran

  29. Friends WIll Carry You Home III [PETS042, PETS043, PETS044]

  30. Tong & Flynn & Rogers - Hear Me Now EP [PETS041]
    Pete Tong, Tom Flynn, Paul Rogers

  31. Rachel Row - L Square [PETS040]
    rachel row, kink, adam port

  32. Baunz - Out Of The Window Feat. 3rd Eye EP [PETS039]
    Baunz, 3rd Eye, Walker&Royce, Andre Kronert

  33. Thomas Schumacher - Hush (Catz 'n Dogz 2013 Remix) EP [PETS038]
    catz 'n dogz, thomas schumacher

  34. Catz Eats Dogz aka Catz 'n Dogz & Eats Everything - Stinky Lollipop EP [PETS036]
    eats everything, catz 'n dogz

  35. Nikola Baytala - Nikola Baytala [PETS033]
    Nikola Baytala

  36. Uffe - Times All [PETS032]

  37. Tom Demac - Little Bits That Matter [PETS026]
    tom demac

  38. A1 Bassline - Breakaway [PETS023]
    a1 bassline

  39. Catz'n Dogz - Something Will Come Out [PETS001]
    catz 'n dogz


Pets Recordings Berlin, Germany

Polish production duo Catz & Dogz decided to start an imprint to back up their new sonic wares. The name was Pets Recordings, the output was immediately refreshing, charming and arresting and the mission from the start was “to promote music that we love, regardless of whether it will sell or not: we don't want to be just another dance label” state the duo with their usual candour. ... more

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